Alt/Post Rock act BANNERED MARE are back with new single ‘Flutter’

Bannered Mare was formed by Joseph Padfield after the break up of his previous band Race the Flux. Bannered Mare was born with a singular mindset and goal, which was to let the music be led purely by emotions and so far, the group have achieved just that.

Bannered Mare have returned with uplifting
Post rock anthem about finding strength and staying focused titled ‘Flutter’

Stylistically their first ep ‘Gizzards’ was a big departure from previous works. The music was writtenwith the ethos of simplicity and texture with lyrical themes about the internal discord that Padfield was experiencing at the time. Gizzards is quiet and reflective but still hopeful.

The sophomore offering ‘Fear of missing out’ is quite the opposite. The record is loud, buoyant and cheerful with anthemic choruses more akin to Padfields previous work with Race the Flux.

Fear of missing out is a record about maintaining happiness and a good head space and it is apparent, from the very first track to the blistering end that he had found just that.
New single ‘Flutter’ marks triumphant return for Galway Post Rock act ‘Bannered Mare’ Flutter is the first release from Bannered Mare since the onset of the pandemic.


Finding solace in their artistic constraints, Flutter is an uplifting journey about finding strength and staying focused on your own path. Its candid and reflective themes gently carry you away before the guitars erupt in a final rousing chorus, underlining the actuality that we are all at the whim of the universe and no one is truly in control.

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