ADAM DOLAN releases new song ‘If Only You Knew’

If Only You Knew” is the brand new song from emerging singer songwriter Adam Dolan.  A vibrant, emotive, raunchy pop/rock ballad that has you humming it in your head and singing along to the chorus straight from the moment you hear it, “If Only You Knew” is the first self-penned recording from the multi-talented artist from Strabane, Co. Tyrone.  

Adam Dolan has just released his brand new track “If Only You Knew”

The song speaks of unrequited love between two friends and Adam sings it with a palpable energy that draws you into the world of these two would-be lovers like watching a movie in your head where you really hope that they end up together!  When it comes to the creative process, Adam’s writing style is deep and soul-searching, his writing is based on his own life experiences and those of his friends.  The melody for “If Only You Knew” is piano-based with Adam also playing lead Guitar on the recording.  
Having previously recorded material from other songwriters, “If Only You Knew” is Adam’s first foray into the pop/rock arena with his own composition.
Check out the track below now. 

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