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“I am the Great Cornholio, I need T.P. for my bunghole”

Happy Friday folks! I thought we would go back in time and  take a look at some light entertainment on this Friday morning in Castlebar. 

So i  decided to go all the way back to the nineties to our favourite cartoon duo, that’s right BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD. Remember them? 

If  you and your family were lucky enough to have cable TV or a satellite dish in your back yard,  in the nineties, you would find every Friday and Sunday night the dope ass duo  invading  the  living room of your home with various videos from artists and band’s around the world. 

The iconic duo really were a game changer back in the day.

If you are you’re band were featured as the two dope-heads looked on and commented on each video that would rule their world, From BEASTIE BOYS, WILCO right through to PANTERA and RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS. 

If you look back at it now it really was a great gimmick and seller for these artists to be featured on MTV’s biggest hit show that was created by MIKE JUDGE. 

BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD was first aired on MTV in March 1993. I probably would have being in second year in St Gerald’s College at the time. The world had begun embracing THE SIMPSON’s TV series a few years before this but music wanted something different and BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD were the correct antidote at the time.

The legendary Iconic duo Beavis and Butthead changed the MTV and the music video generation forever


Looking back on it now the idea really worked!

The idea of these two idiots sitting on a third hand sofa listening to a lot of and lets face it some really cool music videos. There was a lot of acts that i would probably never heard of if it was not  for this show, SONIC YOUTH were another act that would get regular airplay on the show, i think tracks from their album “DIRTY” would get a lot of footage as the two lads would switch from station to station. 


Lets be honest here, MTV  knew very well what they were doing here. They were smart!  And like i said at the beginning of this article, it was a great money spinner for each act to have their video given screen time. 

Yes it was defintely a game changer for music videos on MTV. 

It became so big that MTV couldnt contain the show, it spread to other TV stations including BBC and Channel 4. Although all the video and band’s were not fantastic you could see Beavis and Butthead taking the piss out of some of the videos that were used in the show. 


BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD did return briefly in 2011 fourteen years after it had originally finished up. The music video landscape was changing though and MTV was not the only sheriff in town anymore. In the following years several new music stations were now launched on satellite TV and cable. BEAVIS and BUTTHEAD had lost their spark since their launch in 1992.

Time was moving on and the world was not hanging around. 

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