Lets get one thing straight, Aidan Bolger is a wonderful songwriter, musician and Rocker. Influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Rory Gallagher etc.

Aidan Bolger was pretty much born with a guitar in his hand. You know the old saying “Born with a Silver Spoon in Mouth”, Well Aidan was born with a guitar in his hand. Music means the world to him. If you find yourself knocking around Castlebar and find yourself watching a bar in a band you can be sure Aidan Bolger will be sitting in the corner with a guitar in his hand, You can tell that Aidan is happy just to be part of the experience amongst a group of well experienced musicians like himself.

Aidan Bolger looking more and more like Rasputin these days recently release his album “HELL FOR LEATHER”

Aidan Bolger was born and bread in Castlebar Co Mayo, From a very early age Aidan picked up a guitar and has been writing and recording ever since. We met Aidan in 2008 in Rowlands Bar in Castlebar and Aidan explained to us that he had just begun writing the lyrics to album that he had hoped would see the light of day very shortly after this.
This was 2008 so lets scroll a decade later and Aidan announces the release of his first feature album “HELL FOR LEATHER” Check out one of the recent videos from the album titled “THE SHAMAN” featuring another Castlebar songwriter Mick Sheridan.

We are sure as we speak that Aidan is currently holding a guitar in his hand practising the sound he wants to make to his follow up album “HELL FOR LEATHER”.
HELL FOR LEATHER is currently available on all online formats and we look forward to hearing the follow up very soon and we hope we wont be waiting as long as TOOL’s follow up to 10,000 DAYS.

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