Album of the Month June 2023: Drew Makes Noise releases his debut album ‘Let the Whole Tape Run’ independently

Expanding on the production from his previous single, the hook-heavy, Indie-anthem Lemonade. Drew Makes Noise up’s the scale with the welcome addition of flutes, marimbas, and timpani.

The single feels like the beating heart or the centerpiece of the record. A gentle earworm touching on themes of teenage angst and the curious mind. The kind of song that lifts you up and gives you a warm hug.

Album of the Month: Drew Makes Noise releases new album ‘Let the Tape Run’

This Matter is the first single that Drew sent to Matt Bishop (Two Door Cinema Club and Twin Atlantic) which hooked the producer into wanting to collaborate on the album.

There is an abundance of musical influences evident on this record. Conjuring comparisons to Grandaddy (Flame) and Dinosaur Jr (Lemonade) to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Something to Kill) and many MANY more. All delivered in the singular and unique stylings of Drew Makes Noise.

Following the disbandment of his former project Ed Zealous, the pandemic opened up the time to take control, and set about creating a large piece of work that was an unedited and uncompromising slice of his own loaf. Taking the DIY approach, Drew repurposed the upstairs room of his house and got to exploring his own head, and fleshing out the need to commit some part of his life to an album. The songs for Let The Whole Tape Run came quick and, in the lonely dark lit room, experimentation flowed. When the songs were formed.

Taking the songs and his drummer to Attica studios in Donegal, Drew recorded with Tommy (of Villagers fame). This process continued with recording of the guitars with Ryan McGroarty at Start Together. Production and mixing came from Math Bishop (Two Door Cinema Club and Twin Atlantic) in L.A. 

The album will be launched with two full-band live shows. One in Belfast in association with the Bello Bar taking place tonight Wednesday May 24th 

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