Album of the Week: THE ALTERED HOURS: Convertible

THE ALTERED HOURS  have being a consistent Irish act for over a decade now, the band have gained a cult following on the Irish music circuit, we had the opportunity of hosting  the band when they performed at The Ruby Room in Castlebar supporting And So I Watch You From Afar in 2013

THE ALTERED HOURS are back with Album No. 2 ‘Convertible’

Since then they have released ‘In Heat, Not Sorry’ which cemented the band on the Irish music scene and now the band follow this up with second album ‘Convertible’.

Opening track ‘You are Wrong’ is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine’s early work whilst ‘All Amnesia’ glides along nicely.

The entire album works like a charm for us and it is very refreshing  from start to finish unlike a lot of Irish releases at the moment.

If you are looking for an album that sometimes  fits like that missing piece to  a jigsaw puzzle this might be the one for you. They are eight tracks  in total on Convertible and it does not outstay it’s welcome clocking in at just over twenty nine minutes.

So go ahead, go for a spin in that new “convertible”. We recommend checking out  top tracks like Street Sinner and Thistle 

Finbar Hoban.


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