The Great Leslie Band release new track ‘See You Again’

The Great Leslie Band are made up of Ollie Trevers on Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Julien Baraness on Lead Guitar, Jason Boyd on Bass and Ryan Lavender on Drums.

The Great Leslie Band have just released their brand new single ‘See You Again’

The bands first track ‘Money’ was released in August 2020 and was quickly picked as the Track Of The Week on BBC Introducing Suffolk.

The London quartet certainly didn’t let the pandemic hinder their musical plans, and since their first track was released they have  gone on to have success with their further releases ‘Out of My Hands’ and ‘I Know You Know’ which gained them extensive airtime on Planet Rock.

Bringing poetry to their lyrics, distinctive talent to their vocals, punchy aspects to their rhythms and humour to their vibe, there is no stopping this band who are ready to make their mark.The Great Leslie combine raw vocals with Rock n Roll influences to produce a unique sound that will leave you wanting 

‘See You Again’ the brand new track is their first official release of 2021 following on from their Summer House Studios live session back in January.

“See You Again” is a burst of infectious indie pop harkening back to the indie golden age of the Noughties, it’s a nostalgic and uplifting summer anthem.

From the word go, ‘See You Again’ evokes scenes of sprawling festival fields, with its relentless rhythm sections driving
the track forward to the inimitable lead guitar lines, it builds a platform from which frontman, Ollie Trevers, and his superb vocals can really take off.


From there the track demonstrates just how solid a unit The Great Leslie are, reminding us of their prowess as a live band and their knack for a hook makes you wonder what might have happened if Two Door Cinema Club and The Maccabees had got together.


This single embodies all of that, creating a real sense of excitement and joy for the listener. What’s more is the poignant and totally relevant message behind the track itself. You’d struggle to find a more apt release detailing that feeling of nostalgia and the hope for better days.


Front Man Ollie Trevers has said of the track:
“We knew what we wanted to say and how we wanted to make people feel.

We wanted to have an upbeat punchy track that would give our audience the same hope and excitement we had ourselves so we hammered it out in less than an hour, and I wrote the lyrics almost overnight, it was like the song was flowing out of us….See You Again focuses on the idea of nostalgia. It speaks of our need for social interaction and longing for the people closest to us.


I wrote it as a reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic. After the UK was put into its third lockdown.”

Essentially, what we’ve got with ‘See You Again’ is an anthem that will leave people pining for the mosh pits, the pint cans of Red Stripe and the return of our freedom to be with the ones we love once more.

See You Again’ is undoubtedly sure to continue the upward trajectory of this incredibly promising young band; and as the first of a string of releases this year, there really is no telling us just how far this band will go, I suppose we’ll just have to keep an eye on them to find out!

Listen to the brand new track “See You Again” 

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