AMY ELLEN tugs on our heart strings with new single ‘Days’

In Amy’s words “For me this song is about the transitional period between being in a relationship to suddenly being single again. The song represents strength and weakness but realising that in the end, time is the real healer.

I remember Days being a song that wrote itself. At the time I was listening to a lot of Green Day, it certainly impacted the way I wanted to arrange the melody in the song.’’ 

Dublin based Indie-rock/pop artist Amy Ellen is releases her fifth single since her 2019 debut.

Amy Ellen was featured in RTÉ – Behind the music, ”Track of the Day” by Hot Press as well as Golden Plec’s artist interview series Hi, have you met…’ during her campaign for  ‘This Life’ released earlier this year.  

Days is the last single building up to Amy Ellen’s debut EP.

Check out the new track below now on Spotify. 

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