AVELINA releases best track to date!

There is just something about the 80’s synth vibe that we really like. AVELINA‘S  brand new track is just what the doctor ordered. The track ‘Never Enough’ is one of those tunes that stays in your head.

AVELINA is a 23-year old indie-rock artist currently residing in Dublin, Ireland. Originally born in Cologne, Germany.

AVELINA’s sound is one containing many influences from the different cultures she has been exposed to.

Inspired by poets such as Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson, AVELINA enjoys using visual metaphors with reference to themes of naturalistic elements to draw on personal experiences and highlighting current ongoing issues within the current existing culture.

AVELINA uses imaginative poetic lyrics along with a combination of shoe gaze riffs and atmospheric twists, the unique synthesis is best experienced during her theatrical-esque shows where audiences are brought on an emotive ride.

Check out the brand new track from AVELINA on Spotify  titled ‘Never Enough’

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