Belfast’s Ferals make us very happy with new single

With their roots still firmly in the anthemic alt-rock of the north coast but eyes firmly fixed upon driving and rhythmic new horizons, trio Ferals return with a brand new track and video for their new song ‘Separate.

Belfast band Ferals are back with new song ‘Seperate’

Influenced by the likes of And So I Watch You From Afar and Biffy Clyro, Separate sees the three-piece take on a new direction, with brighter production and upbeat vocal melodies that belie the tracks lyrical content giving their track a new expanse sonic edge.


With the formation of the track beginning when he was a child, songwriter Shane McMullan was finally able to put to words his experiences of being a child of divorce.

The soundtrack to a once-familiar world crashing around your ears, ‘Separate’ takes on deliberately obtuse and contradictory shapes – huge riffs and spiralling rhythms power thoughtful and deliberate lyricism, while confident melodies and instrumentation contradict the disturbed delivery. With visuals that encapsulate the same feeling of separation, played out on a global scale amidst the debacle of Brexit, Ferals new track is out now!

“This song is an exploration of my experience of being a child of divorce. Two people who were once blissfully in love, now feel nothing and wish to go their separate ways. They may separate but can never truly be completely split from each other as there is this one living, breathing thing that will forever tie them together.

An attempt to capture the reality of being caught in the middle of love collapsing around you, this song is a fast-paced, aggressively cathartic release and constantly teetering on the edge. Musically it’s driving and intentionally more uplifting sonically than the lyrical content woven/ weaved throughout.” 


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