Belfast’s JUNK DRAWER release impressive EP “The Dust Has Come to Stay”

Recorded with Chris Ryan (Just Mustard, NewDad, Robocobra Quartet), the new single comes another thrilling encounter with the four multi-instrumentalists: brothers, Stevie Lennox and Jake Lennox, Brian Coney and Rory Dee. “Suspended Anvil” arrives with more ruminations on memory, personal weakness and wondering, in part coming as a product of the last couple of years where everyone has had a lot of time to spend with themselves, assessing and perhaps diagnosing their own personal issues. This one takes sonic cues from the sounds of Broadcast, Crumb and 60s psych-pop with the quartet compositionally taking a left-turn from their usual process.

Belfast act JUNK DRAWER have recently released new EP “The Dust has Come to Stay”

“The idea was to conjure up something otherly as a ‘sound world’ that would allow the listener to drift away,” explains Stevie of the band. “To let a new idea branch out before snapping back into focus with a widescreen, Phil Spector-esque ending. There is a certain almost Irish tinge to the middle 8, where we made use of field recordings to really emphasise that and create a sound world.”

Following the self-released, Their Self-Loathing Debut and EPs, the band, which has opened for Built To Spill, Mclusky and Jeffrey Lewis, spearheaded the grassroots Irish music community with their part in regular sell-out independent vinyl compilation A Litany of Failures. Following a pair of EPs, their single “Year of the Sofa” took Best Single at the NI Music Prize 2019, making Junk Drawer the first DIY band to take home a prize at the ceremony. Debut LP Ready For The House was released in April 2020 through Art For Blind Records.

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