Belfast’s MOB WIFE release new single ‘Cutting Teeth On Suburban Curbs’

Cutting Teeth on Suburban Curbs’ captures Leckey’s “dizzying realisation of the amount of time wasted in life, and the anxiety and depression that comes alongside it.” Written during the prospect of the return to working class life as a barista dealing with Belfast’s more upwardly mobile caffeine-lovers, ‘Suburban Curbs’ bends and winds as the lyrics begin to open to the fact that “no matter what you do, you’re still just you”.

Belfast Punk Trio Mob Wife Share ‘Cutting Teeth On Suburban Curbs’, Announce Debut Album Eat With Your Eyes.

An overarching meditation on panic and of moral compass in the face of impending doom, Eat With Your Eyes was written over the course of lockdown, and is, aptly enough, equal parts pummelling and panoramic, and as claustrophobic as it is expansive. It was recorded & mixed by the band’s bassist, increasingly renowned producer/engineer Carl Small, with artwork by Georgia Collins, aka Peach.


No punk outfit in Belfast matches the dynamism and unpredictability of Mob Wife’s outward looking approach. It’s one that’s been expanded upon since 2018 debut single ‘Warm Water’, delineating them from the pack with a never-sit-still sound that explores melody amidst chaos, sharing inspiration from the likes of Metz, Jawbox, Pile and Unwound as they traverse the serrated edges of modern life, cranking tension between hope and nihilism.

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