Big weekend ahead for indie music in Castlebar as TWO BLACK DOGS go electric

No, we will not shout “Judas” (Dylan fans will understand)  from the balcony, why? Because we are delighted to hear that promotional company TWO BLACK DOGS will be putting on an indie alternative night at The Ruby Room in Castlebar this Saturday night February 18th  with three wonderful local Mayo indie acts

Not one! Not two! but three amazing local acts will be taking to the stage at the prestigious venue that is the Ruby Room. These include BANNERED MARE, BURY ME WITH MY MONEY and Ballina experimental duo YOP. 

BANNERED MARE will be headlining this Saturday nights live extravaganza at The Ruby Room of the Royal Theatre in Castlebar


Bannered Mare have released multiple EP’s and singles over the past four years and have built a reputation as one of the most respected new math rock bands on the Irish circuit.

Fronted by Singer/writer Joseph Padfield originally from Bath in the UK, Bannered Mare promise to wrap the night up with a serious BANG!


Bury Me With My Money from Mayo & Galway. Bury Me have been releasing music since 2017. Their eclectic mix of sounds and influences is displayed in their two EP’s titled ‘Karosi’ & ‘Life as it Comes’.

Whilst these recordings are quite focused productions, as a live experience, Bury Me often use experimental arrangements and sounds.

In 2023 Bury Me With My Money played two of Irelands best new independent festivals including the new Night & Day festival in Roscommon as well as ‘Fall Right into Place’ in Galway.

BURY ME WITH MY MONEY will be performing live at The Ruby Room in Castlebar this Saturday night.


The dictionary describes transformation as “a marked change in form, nature or appearance.” YOP are the embodiment of that definition, transforming from the raw punk past (SHITHäTT and Alps) to a more understated present. Where the Ballina duo used to rely on “bang bang heavy heavy” to entertain, they now use subtlety and repetition to draw in their audience, mixing traditional instruments with synthesizers and programmed drums to produce their self-proclaimed kraut-punk.

Ballina experimental two piece YOP will be opening the show this Saturday night at The Ruby Room in Castlebar

TWO BLACK DOGS  hope that this will be the first of many ‘Introduce’ shows in Castlebar and that they can do their part in the revival of great original alternative music in Castlebar which has disappeared in recent decades but has been combated by other Mayo promoters like Finbar Hoban and Bridge of Song.

TWO BLACK DOGS  would like to encourage all serious music fans in the greater area to come join the event and be part of a new wave of alternative music in the west.

This promises to be a great night of indie music presented to you by TWO BLACK DOGS, tickets are available from Eventbrite and cost just €10 online and €12 on the door respectively. 

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