A love letter to Neil Young from Castlebar

Neil Young has always  remained an independent songwriter. Like Springsteen he always seems to find his way to support the average Joe Soap. When Neil Young performed on stage just recently in Nowlan Park in Kilkenny with Bob Dylan i think it was clear  who won the battle of the two titans on this particular occasion.  Read More

Cork metal act Coroza release new album Chaliceburner

A few weeks back we told you that sludge metal outfit COROZA were about to release their debut album “Chaliceburner”. Well it would seem that August 30th is a very popular date for new releases,  with also the release of the long awaited new album from “Tool” called Fear Inoculum” But we have decided to Read More

A love letter to Prince from Castlebar

Today’s love letter looks at one of the most talented musicians the world has ever seen, yes thats right there is no denying this next artist was a talented musician and a wonderful entertainer.  After the diabolic  organization that was meant to be one of Prince’s biggest European shows on June 16th  2007  when the Read More

Irish act Powpig are our new favourite band

Only recent we discovered POWPIG! Some might call their music experimental shoe-gaze, we just think they are downright good!  Formed in May of 2017, Powpig are a four-piece from Limerick City; Anna Marie Rooney, Andreea Mocanu, Laura Drennan and Leah O’Donnell Powpig are as comfortable swaying away to slow alt rock wonder “Rosalee” from their Read More