Track of the Day: Freddy Black & the Hotel Mosaic

In the realm of unfiltered storytelling and musical authenticity, the collective known as Freddy Black & The Hotel Mosaic emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Led by Freddy Black, this collective fearlessly confronts the gritty truths of life through their soul-stirring ballad, ‘Drainpipe Diamond.’ Inspired by true events, ‘Drainpipe Diamond’ is an exploration of the harsh Read More

SLOW MOVING CLOUDS set to perform in Castlebar This Saturday

SLOW MOVING CLOUDS are a band that combine Nordic and Irish traditional music with minimalist and experimental influences to create a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. Their music is an organic mix of the Irish and Nordic folk traditions with baroque strings and post-rock influences. Their work premiered to critical acclaim at the 2016 Dublin Theatre Read More

Track of the Day: Driven Snow release fourth single to date

The fourth song to date, “In Moonlight” adds a new texture and dimension to the duo’s emerging catalogue. The jaunty, upbeat instrumentation, rhythms and vocals clash seamlessly with a sorry but familiar tale of a land where housing crisis threatens the life and spirit of its cities. “It is about the difficulty of being a Read More

Track of the Day: Sligo outfit ‘Some Remain’ rip it up on latest single ‘Knuckle Sandwich’

“A heavier, shorter song than our previous releases, Knuckle Sandwich is as close to its namesake as any song we’ve written. The opening riff repeats throughout with pounding drums and dirty bass. Another song they  had for a long time, according to the band,  it’s one that always resonates at live performances, especially Jamie’s borderline screamed Read More

The Queen of Rock N’Roll has left the building

We are very sorry to hear about the passing of Tina Turner. She really was a legend in her own right. I remember spinning a lot of her singles when I used to DJ in the Humbert Inn and Rowlands Bar in Castlebar many, many moons ago. Tina Turner was a huge inspiration to many Read More

Album of the Month June 2023: Drew Makes Noise releases his debut album ‘Let the Whole Tape Run’ independently

Expanding on the production from his previous single, the hook-heavy, Indie-anthem Lemonade. Drew Makes Noise up’s the scale with the welcome addition of flutes, marimbas, and timpani. The single feels like the beating heart or the centerpiece of the record. A gentle earworm touching on themes of teenage angst and the curious mind. The kind Read More