Remember Raging Against the Machine in Castlebar?

Wooww!!! Has it being almost 28 years since the brilliant Rage Against the Machine released their debut self titled album? The cover features a photo of  a Vietnamese Buddist monk in Saigon in 1963. The monk was protesting President Ngo Dinh Diems  administration for oppressing the Buddhist religion. The photograph drew international attention and persuaded Read More

Lets talk about Mayo’s On Pain Of Death

One thing is certain,  when it comes to our blog  we do not believe in a selfish snobbery to  original music, whether it be contemporary music, indie music, rock , doom music, metal music, ska music, soul music, reggae music. As far as we are concerned everything goes on our blog. Because all music other Read More

Hey Castlebar! Where were you the day grunge died?

Grunge was a massive scene in  Castlebar in the nineties, (a small  coastal town in the west of Ireland )  and no matter what you may think of Nirvana or Kurt Cobain, as a band they most definitely  defined a generation. There was lots of different gang names in the area back then too who Read More