Bright Falls releases remix of ‘The Widows Homes’

Bright Falls has teamed up with Carlow producer FĒNIX to give a Synthwave dimension to The Widows Homes.

Co.Tipperary, artist Bright Falls has just released a remix of his latest single ‘The Widows Homes’

FĒNIX is the new solo project of former Exiles multi-instrumentalist Darragh O’Connor. Having had initial success with their debut EP Red Lights and follow-up single Rearview Mirror, Darragh has gone solo with his latest project.

“As soon as I heard this track from Bright Falls, the vocal style and melody grabbed me straight away, and I could already hear the remix ideas. I dropped Eddie a mail and asked if I could have a shot at it, and he was nice enough to send me on the vocal track, and it just developed from there.”

With the growth in popularity in Synthwave and retro sounds lately, now seemed like the right time to launch FĒNIX.

“Synthwave is a genre I’ve been immersed in for years, and even with our early success with Exiles, it just felt like people didn’t know what to do with us! With artists like The Weeknd , Miley Cyrus, Muse, etc. now ‘borrowing’ from the sound and aesthetic, and the likes of The Midnight starting to get mainstream recognition, the retro-revolution has well and truly begun!


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