November has being a pretty damn busy month for me with various shows taking place around the Mayo area that i have being involved in.

So it was with great relief to get away for one weekend over the month so i decided to make my way over to the town that was taken over from the mods. Yes Quadrophinia time, We are the mods! We are the mods! We are! We are! We are the mods! Yes it was the weekend of Bighton Film & Comic Con! Brighton Comic was pretty much the smaller version of London Film & Comic Con. I really do enjoy these shows especially watching the very inventive cos-players enter the building on the day of the event. I wouldn’t really call myself a convention circuit nerd but i do enjoy taking time out to meet some of my heroes in the process of it all and even in the flesh!


On November 7th i had the pleasure of meeting one of my all time favourite horror movie directors George A Romero, i have always being a huge fan of his “Dead” trilogy. The first time i encountered Night of the Living Dead i was amazed by the story line. How could people walk around and decided that they wish to eat the living? What was it all about? Romero himself once stated that he did not see these beings as “zombies” but more cannibalistic. He didn’t really understand the word zombie, he never saw these creatures as the walking dead but of an experiment that went horribly wrong.

Anyway what you are going to see in this post is pretty much me hanging out with a few fan favourites including Romero, John Hurt, and Appollo Creed Mr Carl Weathers.

I enjoy the covention circuit, its great fun, but its not like i know these people. the process is get in, get your photo taken and say a quick hello afterwards. When i met Romero i was stunned how tall he was. His about reaching 7ft, and yes i did feel very fragile and small when i stood next to him once i got the photo you are about to see taken.

George A Romero FCC Bright Sat 43John Hurt was also a really cool guy. For those of you who may have being hiding underneath a rock for the past 30 years are so should know he well known for his character in the first Alien movie. He is also starring in the new Dr Who series (not im a fan of the series) But he came across as a real gentleman and asked me about my t-shirt that i was which was a homage to Night of the Living Dead. Anyway ill let you go through the rest of the photos below without any further introduction. Brighton Comic Con was good fun. Now i must begin to start preparing for the daddy of them all once again when i will be returning to London Film & Comic Con in July 2016! The fun never ends around here! Enjoy wandering through the rest of these photos!

John Hurt FCC Bright Sat 85 (1)





Carl Weathers FCC Bright Sat 81

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