Cork songwriter Tristan O’Donovan releases ‘Bottle O’Red’

Tristan is a singer/songwriter from Cork, Ireland. Tristan comes from a background steeped in music with his late father being a well-known musician and his mother a dance teacher.

Tristan’s latest single Bottle O’Red has gained national airplay thanks to the attention of Jenny Greene, who selected it as ‘Track of the Week’ for RTE2FM.

Tristan’s father passed away when he was only 12 years old which in turn made Tristan pick up his father guitars and start practicing and learning at home, these are the very guitars he uses today to write and play his music. Tristan went to school in the little village of Schull Co. Cork and on breaks would sit in the music room with his friend Daniel and practise.

Influenced by Rock, Reggae and R’n’B. At the age of 18 Tristan decided to give up school, move out of home and follow the dream of becoming a full time musician. In 2020 Tristan built a home studio after moving out and started writing and recording his own music. He sat there on his own and with friends and wrote and wrote and wrote until such time as he came up with his now debut single “Bottle O’red”.


Tristan’s second single “We Could Take It Easy” is due for release on April 2nd and promises to bring an even bigger punch.

In the meantime check out the video for Bottle O’Red below


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