COUSIN TABLET Release Second Single ‘Lost At Sea’

Once again featuring contributuions from special guests Juliana Erkkonen (Violin), Anto Thistlethwaite (Sax) and Dave Clancy (Piano) the song is a reflection on the all too common reality of watching a loved one fade away, be it from illness, addiction or old age and is inspired by the recent experiences of some members of the band and their loved onesCousin Tablet Release Second Single ‘Lost At Sea’

Cousin Tablet Release Second Single ‘Lost At Sea’

“I started writing the song based on a personal situation I was experiencing at the time but realised during the process that it was a much more common occurence than I previously thought” says songwriter Donal Gibbons, ” We’re at that age now when our parents are getting old and we are also seeing some of our peers deal with the consequences of burning the candle at both ends a bit too much”.

Check out “Lost at Sea” below.


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