DEA MATRONA prove Rock N Roll is still alive with new track ‘Stamp On It’

Irish act Dea Matrona are a band known for their fine live performances. They are a Rock trio from Belfast formed in 2018.

The band may look like they have just walked off the set of Almost Famous, but they are far more than just that. Dea Matrona are here to let the Irish people know that they are ready to Rock and they can back that up as incredible musicians. 

They are made up of sister’s Mollie and Mamie McGinn and lifelong friend Orlaith Forsythe. 

Dea Matrona are here to prove that Rock N Roll is alive and well in 2021

Their mutual love of classic rock and roll  bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin and The Beatles, sparked a musical chemistry between the three that continues to blossom into their own originals.

Check out the video for their new   track ‘Stamp on It’ which is riding high on the I-Tunes charts. 


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