Derek Ellard & The Future Business Model confronts his demons on latest single

Derek Ellard & The Future Business Model most recent track ‘Heavy Metals’ sees the artist take the listener on an almost dream like existence that describes   the effects of a person on heavy psychotropic medication.

2020 has being a difficult year for musicians, not having an outlet to perform live on a regular basis has being very tough for most musicians,  like Derek and his band.

But whilst this is all happening,  musicians and songwriters like Derek haven’t wasted they’re time and have continued to concentrate on writing and recording.

We recently watched an interview with Bitch Falcon where lead vocalist Lizzy of the band mentioned that a lot of the lyrics from the bands debut album came from feelings she experienced during the first lockdown earlier this year. Artist can create their greatest work at they’re most low.

DIY indie/folk/Rock from Galway, inspired by ‘joshua burnside’ ‘The frames’ ‘Grizzly bear’ ‘fleet foxes’ ‘Band of horses’.

Now with three successful releases since Derek Ellard’s Ellrevitalization, Derek is delighted  to share with you, ‘Heavy metals’, an alternative indie lament with more experimentation and genre bending. Joined by ex race the flux and ka tet members and completely self produced within the collective, umbrella records

Dealing with the, often unscrutinized, after-effects of psychotropic medication. A modern grief, a loss of personality but, evidently, a new normal for many. ‘Heavy metals’ erupts with frustration at 2.21, marking a more exploratory and alternative side to Dereks creative process.

Check out the new track below

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