Dublin-based poet/songwriter Christian Wethered releases a new single, “La Madeleine.”

‘La Madeleine’ is the fourth release off of his upcoming debut album Mon Petit Jardin.

Emphatic and brooding, the song addresses the complex dynamics of abandonment. The Nick Cave-esque tune combines Christian’s almost spoken vocal with a raw, driving groove, hand plucked guitar, ambient sounds, and a shuffle of drums.

Dublin-based poet/songwriter Christian Wethered has released a new single, “La Madeleine.”

He says, “The song explores the bleakness and alienation experienced when being dumped. I used to live in a small town in France called La Madeleine, and I was trying to conjure this setting for the song.”

He goes on to say, “”La Madeleine” is an epic song about heartbreak. At the same time it’s also about nothing at all: the lonely absences and pauses between. It was originally supposed to be a quiet, traditional folk song, but the drum groove made the sound really big. Though it’s loud, the sound is about absence, the subject the song approaches is empty space.”

Christian’s upcoming album is influenced by folk such as the likes of Laura Marling, Fionn Regan, Alexi Murdoch and Iron and Wine. Nick Cave is also a prevailing influence.

The single features Dylan Lynch (drums), Sara O’Loughlin (backing vocals) and Cil Byrne (electric guitar and bass). The song was recorded in Wexford with Darragh Nolan at Asta Kalapa studios.

Christian Wethered is a poet and songwriter based in Dublin. The folk artist is known for his subtle and thoughtful style. He has played The Ruby Sessions, First Fortnight and Electric Picnic. His video for first single ‘Mr Medicine Man’ is currently being showcased by Hot Press’ YouTube channel. He currently sings in the Discovery Gospel Choir and performs poetry across the country. His debut poetry book, “I Don’t Love You”, won the Melita Hume Prize in 2021.

Listen to the new track ‘Le Madeleine’ below

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