Dublin based singer songwriter TYG Releases Raw Debut Single, “Search for Freedom”

TYG is a singer/songwriter based in Dublin, and is releasing his debut single entitled “Search for Freedom.” TYG is a prolific songwriter with a story to tell, and has been involved in the Dublin music scene since his early teens.

The song is a folk/ pop anthem that blends personal lyrics with an up-beat melody. Featuring a driving beat and hopeful chorus, it tells the story of searching for deliverance from the things we feel trapped within. TYG’s debut single is a commentary on the city he grew up in. He says, “My lyrics are about my own experiences, but are also inspired by the brokenness of people around me.”
Having grown up in a city he says is “plagued by demons,” music has played a key role in TYG’s ability to express the suffering he has witnessed. He says, “Through everything I’ve been through, music has been a constant in my life, something I always fall back on, something my day doesn’t feel right without.”

Dublin songwriter has just released his new single titled ‘Search for Freedom’

TYG picked up the guitar at a young age and started writing songs soon after. His daily practice has led to a catalogue of dozens of songs. He says, “I’m not clear in myself when I’m not writing. My emotions manifest in different ways when I don’t have that outlet.” TYG attended BIMM Dublin for a diploma in songwriting, and during his time there was chosen to perform at the Live & Lyrical gig at Whelan’s. TYG has been a regular on the Dublin open mic circuit for the last few years. He is now in the process of recording and releasing his original music, and continues to perform regularly around Dublin.
“Search for Freedom” was recorded in Trebble Studios with the assistance from musicians TYG met at his time in BIMM Dublin: Freddie Trebble, Eoin Dexter, and Elina Filice. It was sound engineered by Nathaly Kruczynski, and produced






All quotes direct from TYG, press release written by Elina Filice (Red Vine Music)

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