Easy Tide are a three piece DIY band from Navan that make great music

We have just listened to the latest release from Easytide and we have to say we are blown away by how good these guys are! Hailing from Navan Easy Tide make a lot of noise for a three piece. 

Check out the recent release from Easy Tide, in fact we suggest you check out the band’s entire catalog.

They tell us that they have a lot of music available via BandCamp, We took a walk over to Bandcamp and  we highly recommend that you do too as they really do have a lot of really great music available. Not just that, the production on a lot of Easy Tide’s tracks is very impressive. 

Everything is made within the band. All songs recorded by the band and music videos made by the band and merch to album art.
Proper diy band!
Check out the band’s latest single “Carpet Grave” below.


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