Exclusive videos & footage from The Redneck Manifesto Live in Castlebar last year!

Hello there folks, hope all is well on this fine weekend, my sincere apologies in the delay in getting these up here online. Here is a couple of new videos that i shot last year when The Redneck Manifesto came to play in Castlebar and play the entirety of their very underrated “Friendship” album. Please be aware that the picture  quality from some of the recordings is not the best but we did  try and persevere these  as much as possible to get  the best out of the recordings  from an amateur camcorder. Some of the videos are shorter than others and maybe only be snippets of certain songs.

me and the boys

Anyways i hope you enjoy these videos as i do reckon its could to keep a record of most shows that i am involved in. So here we go, Sit back grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy. Here is The Redneck Manifesto Live in Castlebar. Turn it up!


Video number 1. The Redneck Manifesto performing “Black Apple” in Castlebar.

Video number 2 from The Redneck Manifesto performing live in Castlebar.

Video 3 from The Redneck Manifesto performing “Hex” live in Castlebar last November

Video 4  from The Redneck Manifesto performing “Click” Live in Castlebar

There is lots more videos out there from various gigs that i am hoping to get up here very shortly. So keep an eye out for them. Also if you have got this far in the post i just want to let you all know that a new Finbar Hoban Presents gig is in the works as we speak and i do hope to be announcing something soon here on my website soon so please stay posted. There is also talk of a third article from “The West is Well and Truly Awake” !! So  take it easy out there and have a great weekend, i will speak to you all again very soon!

Finbar Hoban xx

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