Hook Release Melancholic Rock Single, “Best Days”

Dublin-based new wave rock band Hook are set to release a new song, “Best Days,”  their first release of the year.

Eoin (vocals, guitar) says, “The song is an autobiographical account of being a young person or in college. For some, it’s a very lonely and isolating time. Everyone is telling you that these are the best days and years of your life, but more often than not it doesn’t feel that way. There’s so many expectations to be social and interesting, but most people in fact have trouble making friends or feeling accepted.”

Hook Release Melancholic Rock Single, “Best Days”

He goes on to say, “The chorus states that these are the best days of my life, but I don’t think of them like that, and in fact can’t imagine anything worse than that being true.”

The lyrics were started by Morgan (drums), and the idea resonated with Eoin, who contributed and added chords and melody.The song features Hook’s signature 80’s new wave rock sound. With a simple guitar line and more active bass that pops out between chords, the drums are simple and almost drum-machine like. 

Hook wanted to capture a sense of nervousness and foreboding. The song features harmonics, distorted sounds, panned elements, representing what’s going on is in the narrator’s head and what they are feeling. Things are confusing and unclear and their mind is clouded. Hook are Eoin O’Donnell (vocals, guitar), Morgan O’Brien (drums) Danny Spelman (bass, vocals). The song was self-recorded in Hook’s home studio and self-produced. 

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