Instrumental Kerry Band Ten Past Seven announce new song ‘Turf War’

I was only scrolling through Facebook in the wee hours of  last night and I found out that the band TEN PAST SEVEN are going to be releasing a new single titled ‘Turf War’ on October 16th. I was a very big fan of the these guys when they started out and I am delighted to hear they are releasing a new song next week!

Legendary Kerry band TEN PAST SEVEN will return after a long hiatus with new music ‘Turf War’ on October 16th

For all the 24 seconds of the clip the band released online this makes me very excited indeed!! The band have released a image for the single which we have attached below.

In the meantime while we wait for the new single which no doubt we will be reviewing upon its release check out the band performing live ‘Bothar Bui’


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