Irish band Munky get set to release their most diverse single to date tomorrow

The brilliant MUNKY will return tomorrow with what will be the band’s strangest single yet titled “Megaton”
MUNKY is comprised of four lads from Dublin who like to play tunes, bop hard and phone their mothers after gigs. Wiggle-punk, trashy funk, grungy disco

MUNKY are grungy-disco, born from a freak accident in which a shipment of Tesco lager cans collided with Chic’s tour bus.

Their interests include vomiting on strangers, wondering which of the Sex And The City girls they are and hugging their mothers x

Munky will release their much anticpated new single “Megaton” tomorrow September 27th

We really embraced the studio on the track. After our first release this year we were excited to get back in and further carve out our sound to tape. The track was built off the drum and bass groove. We the semblance of music theory out the window, and just wrote what felt right. The lyrics came from the music. I was singing a lot of non-sequiturs when we’d jam, and certain themes emerged. 

Sam says it sounds like earth but not earth. Like we teleported in to the future and found the remnants of a world that looks like earth but dead.  Conor started throwing down some wild ‘far out maaaaaan’ sounds from his guitar which perfectly fit the mood. Don’t ask us how he made the airplane sounds at the end of the track.”

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