Irish electronic pop pioneer Paul Quin releases a reimagined version of ‘A Better Place’

A BETTER PLACE is the first single from singer, songwriter, producer and electronica pioneer PAUL QUIN’s debut full length album LIFE ON EARTH.

The album is scheduled for release later in 2021 on the innovative Russian SCENT AIR record label. 

Irish pioneer pop artist has released a reimagined version of the track ‘A Better Place’

This song was first released in 1989 as a double “A” side single by synth pop duo Biazarre (featuring Paul and the late John Butler) and became a big playlisted radio hit that Summer in Ireland.

In 2021 the song is now reimagined and recorded by Paul with new collaborator  Sebastian and the dream who co-wrote on and produced on the record together with Greg Malocca from EGOBOO STUDIOS, Dublin who recorded the vocals, mixed and added additional production and programming.

The record is a tribute to old band member John Butler and also a poignant look back at an Irish society that was still in the grip of recessive and outdated social ideas. And when self-expression still carried a high price tag.

A music video has been specially commissioned and shot by filmmaker and cinematographer Philip Kidd (assisted by Tom Lenihan) for his company Idiosync films Ireland and is Available to check out below now 

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