Songwriter Ciaran Moran has the experience to take on the Irish music scene with upcoming new single ‘Falling Down’

We recently received an email from the very talented song writer called Ciaran Moran, Ciaran wanted us to take a listen to his brand new track titled Falling Down which is due for release this coming Saturday March 28th. Upon listening to the new track Falling Down we immediately felt we could hear echoes of Ed Sheeran in his voice.

But the song itself goes much further than this. Its a really catchy tune and we felt that we would look a bit deeper into the artist and ask him what the song means to him. Ciaran Moran has supported many wonderful singer songwriters in Ireland that has included Damien Dempsey right through to the wonderful Aslan.  

Ciarán Moran’s willingness to write songs, that according to Christy Moore, “very few will write or sing about” has allowed him to explore the darker side of society’s with references to substance abuse, domestic violence and homelessness. 

Ciaran Moran will release his brand new track this coming Saturday March 28th titled Falling Down

His latest release ‘Falling Down’ encompasses a number of issues affecting those that start off at a disadvantage. It tells
a story of the loss of a role model experienced by the narrator and an environment that was filled with alcohol and drugs, a sad reflection of what is so prolific in today’s society.

Born and raised in Dublin’s North Inner City, Moran is narrating the city’s sound through his music. Revealing its innate beauty and tenacity of its people, whilst continuing to pay homage to its
imperfections and struggles. The line ‘we could be heroes, or we could be more’ is repeated in the chorus, inspiring others to overcome barriers, regardless of how many times they keep falling down.



Though a young man, Moran has already proven himself a veteran of his craft. His early development,was guided by the creative minds of Christy Moore, Roddy Doyle and Colm Querney, who took an
interest in Moran’s previously untapped potential. By the age of 23.  Ciaran has performed on sold-out tours of Ireland, supporting giants such as Aslan, Damien Dempsey and Brian Kennedy. His talents
have ushered crowds into the Olympia Theatre, Vicar Street and countless other venues around the country.

Moran belongs to a celebrated lineage of Irish artists; drawing inspiration from the likes of Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard and a whole host of honest Irish troubadours. Moran displays all of the
endearing authenticity of these bards, but presents a more modern iteration of their age-old formulae. In 2017, Moran released ‘Almost Anyone’ a song with a ballad-like melody and narrative that also
incorporated electronic drum tracks, alluding to his time spent as a hip hop artist in his youth. His critically acclaimed song, ‘Mother’, was released in 2018 and stripped away the ensemble sound in
favour of delicate harmonies and soft synth strings, enabling a crushingly dark narrative to be delivered with pinpoint precision. ‘Follow Your Soul’ was released later that year, balancing the tone
of ‘Mother’ with one of hope, optimism and positivity. He has since gone on to release his first EP, ‘& I Haven’t Even Started Yet’ in 2019, where he performed his songs to a sold out show in The
Underground venue.

His next show will be held in Bloody Marys, South William St on Friday, April 24th 2020 and the brand new song Falling Down will be available through all online sites this coming Friday March 28th. 

In the meantime you can check out his previous single Follow You Soul below here 




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