Irish songwriter – dunluvly – is back at it again with excellent new track “Paint My Mind”

We have just being given an exclusive listen to Dublin songwriter-dunluvly-‘s new track Paint My Mind and you are all in for a real treat! Its a beautiful song with some really great arrangements 

“Paint my mind is a song that addresses the stereotypes musicians often encounter in the intermediate stages of success. From the “Are you still doing that music thing” family questions to the clichéd advice that is imposed upon you, regardless of how many times you’ve already considered it. I have found that it’s easy to get wound up in these external influences and its even harder to decipher what’s useful and what is potentially harmful if taken seriously. Staying true to your carefully selected core values is my eventual deduction by the song’s end.”

Dunluvly is back at it again with brand new song Paint My Mind


Not with white vans but with his hot new single ‘Paint My Mind’. This is the result of Dunluvly’s many years of planning to use melodic pop-influenced cadences with a pizzicato (plucked) violin sound. Through many months of experimentation, he finally found the wide sound that he has been chasing. The sonic placement of each recording hangs together perfectly, creating something that draws you in and lingers in your ears for days.

Shane Dunleavy is a multi-instrumentalist based out of suburban Dublin, who has been performing under the title ‘Dunluvly’ since 2016. Following his debut EP ‘the Boat’, Dunluvly has since been seen working with Artists like ELKIN, BabyLamb, Mark Duggan and singer-songwriter Ryan Fahey.

Since June 2018, Dunluvly has been touring Leinster playing bars and venues in Dublin, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Kildare and Waterford performing either solo or with singer-songwriter Ryan Fahey. Alongside this, he finished his Music Technology degree, where he received a first-class honour for his production dissertation of which his recent singles Sleeves and Caustic Love were part of. Paint My Mind is the final installation from Dunluvly’s final year dissertation and is also part of Dunluvly’s upcoming album that is expected to drop in the summer of 2020


Check out the brand new track below! 




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