Joshua Burnside releases excellent new song from upcoming album titled ‘War on Everything’

Joshua Burnside he ambles down their path again on ‘War On Everything’, his fourth and final single from his sophomore album ‘Into The Depths Of Hell’. Fuelled by a raw, untamed energy and lyricism, ‘War On Everything’ sees a full investment in electrifying instrumentation and Burnside’s most emotionally honest lyrical work to date. A postmodernist track that showcases Burnside’s signature blend of past, present and future artistic influences, ‘War On Everything’ signals the calm before the storm.

Themes of regret and neglect are no stranger to the music of doom-folk troubadour Joshua Burnside


Inspired by social carelessness and a failure to both see and be seen, ‘War On Everything’ completes the thematic circle of Burnside’s upcoming album ‘Into The Depths Of Hell.’ As his own missteps and defeats pile around him, a personal hell is wrought upon his sense of self, mirroring the chaotic crescendo that gives the track its emotional edge. With nods to Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, Burnside’s newest fuses post-punk, folk-rock and noise music with a surrealist, stream of consciousness narrative in ‘War On Everything.’

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“Rumbling, brooding, powerful, magnetic” – The Irish Times
“There’s a feral poetry at work, though, as blunt as concrete but with a brutal beauty” – Clash 
“There’s an indefinable quality and charm to Joshua Burnside” – The Sunday Times


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