Kieran Mulvihill records excellent new track ‘Someday Soon’ in Isolation for Youtube

Kieran Mulvihill is a singer/songwriter who blends folk and indie with a poet’s sensibility. Kieran’s songs are poetic and observational in nature, with an eye for the cracks in urban life and the melancholy of rural living and leaving.

Someday soon was written as a bit of a self help song. I had chronic pain ie headaches and anxiety for a few months and off and on for years, plus more than a few bad relationships at the time; so I was a bit all over the shop to be honest. Putting stuff like that down in song has always been a cathartic process both writing and performing. God knows I was sick of talking about it as my friends will tell you but facing up to it and making it into art is what its all about I guess.

Singer songwriter records new track Someday Soon for YouTube


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