Klara Mcdonnell searches for her country roots with new single Dusty Glitter

We always have time for our next act and we are delighted to be able to showcase the brand new single from Klara Mcdonnell titled Dusty Glitter.


You’ll g0 a long way to find an artist an artist in Ireland who wears more hats than Klara Mcdonnell, On encountering Klara, you can immediately tell she lives for art. And she is art, a walking fashion installation soaking up the ideas of everyday life and turning them into songs full to the brim with emtion and imagery.

Klara Mcdonnell is back with her excellent new single Dusty Glitter

She is a singer songwriter, an actress and she’s got her fingers in as many pies as she can find, some of which enrich her bank account and some that simply enrich her soul.

Over the last decade she has been one of Ireland’s busiest life drawing models, posing for artists through out the country. This months Irish comedy feature film SPA weekend directed by Maureen O Connell, which Klara acted in will be screened at the Richard Harris International Film Festival.

We are delighted to be able to share with you the new song and video titled Dust Glitter, the song is a shuffling country romp with production from frequent collaborators Beardfire Music Production Studio.

The song appears to take itself less seriously than previous singles Sinking Unknown and Wasted, both of which gained her a new support network at independent radio in Ireland and further afield.

While the lyrics are tongue in cheek and the delivery is playful there is a certain vulnerability  and sadness beneath the bubbly banjo backdrop.

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