Kurt Cobain would have celebrated his 55th birthday today 20/02/1967

It always hits a nerve with us at this time of the year whenever we hear it’s Kurt Cobain’s birthday, I guess it is also because it is so near the tragic death of the star which happened on April 5th 1994. The influence Nirvana’s impact had on the world has never changed. I don’t think a genre of music or a band from that era has had such an influence on the world since.

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana had a massive influence on us here at Finbar Hoban Presents.

I can’t remember an artist that not only had an influence on me but on the rest of the world. His birthday and his passing each year brings me back to a time when music and its ‘then’ culture had such an influence on what I listen to and what I wore. It paved the way for the series of shows what would become Finbar Hoban Presents in later years of my life so far. Nirvana made me take music a little bit more seriously, they made me search out new bands, bands that were willing to take a risk.

So let’s remember Kurt Cobain and Nirvana for the impact they had and those very fond and good memories of moshing at a disco, locked in your bedroom feeling insecure and at times alone but at the same time having a friend tell you in his songwriting that you we’re not alone in this world.

Happy Birthday Kurt…

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