Limerick artist Denise Chaila describes herself as the pocket face dreamer

We have being following this next artist here at Finbar Hoban Presents for a number of weeks now ever since we heard about her high profile appearance on The Late Late Show and i must say that we are hooked on the artist’s music. We have yet to see the artist perform live for ourselves but we are still very intrigued by the artist. 

So who is Denise Chalila, the artist that a lot of Irish gig goers have fallen in love with in recent times. Denise Chalia is an Afro-Diasporan rapper, singer and songwriter and poet.

She originally hails from Chikankata, Zambia and is now living in Limerick. According to the artists Facebook page her music blends spoken word and rap to give voice to a translantic odyssey exploring identity,belonging, and home from the heart and mind of a dispran dreamer. 

She is an electric and charismatic performer who captured audiences at live shows across Ireland and abroad. 


Denise Chaila has being making a name for herself on the Irish music scene over the past few months

But we here at Finbar Hoban Presents reckon she is so much than all this and we have a feeling that not only just Ireland but the rest of world will be hearing a lot more from this artists in the very near future. 

We highly recommend that you check out her most recent album ‘GO Bravely’, hunt it down at your nearest record store and purchase a copy, we promise, you will not be left disappointed. In the meantime check out one her tracks called ‘Duel Citizanship’ 

Denise says about the track,

The ‘e’ in Duel Citizenship is deliberate. It’s essential. As long as there are people who feel you must deny your complexity, live on a binary and ‘pick a side’, it will always be essential.
I’ve discovered over time that often you’re not the one with the identity crisis. It’s the world that’s challenged by your wholeness. By the way you cannot and will not sit comfortably in boxes or conform to a narrative that was not created with you in mind. With the truth of who we all are in mind.
Complicated, messy, broad, detailed, beautiful. Whole. And unwilling to sacrifice who we are at the alter of any binary. You are whole, and you have the right to fight to be whole.
Duel Citizenship

Thank you with all my heart to:

Taller Stories Andrea Williams MuRli Bo narolane  for being the forest that grew




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