Mayo band ‘StraightPour’ release new video to support the lads in Green and Red this Weekend

Over the years there has being many attempts of recording what one would  call, (‘A Mayo Song’).

Some have succeeded, whilst others have simply faded away. For example check out ‘Hey Willie Joe’, a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song from 2013. A song you should probably check out on YouTube, even if its just for the laugh. 


Mayo band StraightPour have released one of the best Mayo songs in recent years

Fast forward to 2020 and Mayo find themselves in yet another All Ireland Final, this time, yes you have guessed it, facing off against the boys in blue Dublin, (again).

This time around a Mayo band called ‘StraighPour’ have decided to release a rather alternative track entitled ‘You Made County’.

For a change, this is the first time in a very long time that we can say that this tune is indeed rockin. Who would have thought, a proper indie Mayo tune to fire up the boys in Green and Red this Saturday?

From the get go we found ourselves submerged in this track and wanting to run through Croke Park like the character from the cartoon series Road runner. 

Well done to the lads from Mayo for creating one of the best Mayo tunes in recent memory. 

Check out the video for the track below 

Hon Mayo!! 





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