Mayo outfit Straightpour really hit the mark on new EP ‘Fair Play to Us’

Straightpour  are a rock act from Mayo. The band don’t just make rock tunes, they live them.

Just before Christmas StraightPour released a track dedicated to the Mayo Football team entitled ‘You Made County’

On the track The band scream ‘Off to Supermac’s, all those tasty snacks, never centra!!

It seems the  lads could very well be on to something here when they go on to scream ‘The Curse!! The Curse!!! The Mayo Team Bus and each year it gets worse!!!”

Lets get one thing straight here though, we are not really here for the lyrics, but more so for the bands compositions that seem to be really remarkably good. 

Mayo band Straight Pour seem to understand how rock work’s on new EP ‘Fair Play To Us’

The opening track on the EP ‘Pop Punk Polka’ brings us back to that Soundgarden or OOTSA vibe. It’s a really well effort from the Mayo act. 

You can tell through the title of the EP that Straighpour are not trying to take themselves too seriously but really prove they’re writing in their actual sound.


And you know what, with everything going on in the world right this is exactly what the world needs. You can listen to the album now over on bandcamp or Spotify.

Perhaps support the band by purchasing the EP and help them put this money towards recording a full length album.

I really hope these guys see that there is need to write a full album because the world needs Straightpour right now.








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