Mayo’s weirdest band Mercurius Forebrain return with new single

A few months back we embraced the weird and wonderful world of Mercurius Forebrain and we can safely say Finbar Hoban Presents has never being the same since! Well guess what, the band have returned with another take on the weird and wonderful world of Mayo music. 

Somehow we feel we maybe hearing some form of Dead Kennedy’s influence here, for those of you who may not have heard  of Mercurius Forebrain here is a little taster about the band, 

Descended into the bowels of the Sydney Opera House. It was late and the fondue dinner was disagreeing with him. This was it. There was no other possible course of action. His brain throbbed with rushing blood from the volcanic pressure of his thoughts. Above on street level he could hear the sweet tones of a choir, all in harmony.

Mercurius Forebrain from Ballina embrace the weird


The rapture contained within the voices, so happily bound by the repetitive, predictable tones, was … “Perfect,” he thought, “fuckin perfect.” He descended further. The aggressive tangle of concrete and electricity faded. Despite the cold, Mercurius was warm, the celestial zeal which had grown within him was like a radiant globe. He reached for his torch light as the darkness encroached. “I’ll show them fuckin perfection,” he thought, “I’ll show them perfection indeed..” Check out the band’s recent single below Mocking the Apocalypse, Watch out for the band playing in a venue in Mayo in the near future

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