Music For Dead Birds release two new excellent tracks

Having worked and promoted the band a number of times over the past decade I am always very happy to discuss Mayo outfit MUSIC FOR DEAD BIRDS

Those of you will know Jimmy Monaghan and the magical drummer Donal Walsh as regular performers at our shows in the past.

Mayo’s Music For Dead Birds release stunning new tracks Summer in Suburbia and Untied

For a two piece they always made a lot of noise. And that is exactly why the guys performed so often  at our events. They have constantly remained in demand as a two piece indie unit (that is when we can get them both in the same room together, or the same country!! ) as Jimmy is off writing and experiencing the world.

But let’s get one straight, Music For Dead Birds are also incredible songwriters. From the songwriting process to the song arrangement.


I love everything the guys have produced, for example 2014’s ‘Vitamins’ right through to the most recent album from 2018 ‘Pagan Blessings’

Anyway, let’s cut the long story short and cut to the chase, Music For Dead Birds have recently released two new songs titled ‘Summer in Suburbia’ and ‘Untied’ . These new songs forge a way forward for the future for the band.


Please,  for the love of god turn these tracks up loud right away!


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