Banished are the days of bashing and negativity for the music and entertainment  scene,   time to happily welcome and to embrace  a brand new era for a very  “positive news story” for the live entertainment music scene  in Castlebar. Its time for new creative ideas.

In order for a scene to thrive and survive in the area  we must begin to support each other when it comes to live entertainment. Positive great things are beginning to emerge recently  in Castlebar with various events being planned and ready to kick off. With the news that Phase 1 for a new pub/venue is about to open its doors soon in the Heart of Castlebar with a long term plan it looks like the live scene in the area is about to get a brand new lease of  life,  this news could not have come at a better time  for music enthusiastic’s alike  in the Castlebar area. With the Garbos Venue in Castlebar set  to host a number of live shows in the coming weeks ran and organised by various different promotional companies including ourselves it is a very interesting time for the Castlebar live music scene.

Photo looking out onto the Main Street  from a very successful event  we organised on  the main stage at The Heart Of Castlebar Festival July 2013, At the time local funk band “What the Funk” headlined a very successful event on  the main stage in Castlebar: Photo by Alison Laredo

Our upcoming events at The Garbo’s Venue in Castlebar will include acts such as the  brilliant Girl Band and the Indie alternative act The Frank & Walters and with a big announcement on the way for the county town that will see local artists and bands have a long term hub to perform live original material this news will no doubt contribute towards a genuine  positive attitude in the area.

With news that Phase 1 of a new public house in Castlebar (acquired by the Swift family who have  huge experience  in the pub trade) rumoured to be opening its doors soon,  and yes  it looks like at some point in the future music will play a key role in this new pub/venue. So we are now entering a time when the local public need to get out and support local artists and  live shows in the area including our local venues, after all it is the locals that help support events within the community  meaning they will thrive to continue, grow  and survive  well into the future. This positive news will no doubt bring a new light to the scene in Castlebar along with adding new entertainment back to the main street in Castlebar, The real Heart of Castlebar.

Girl Band will play The Garbo’s Venue in Castlebar on April 7th with support coming from Bitch Falcon, Tickets available now through Downtown Records, Hogs Heaven Bar Castlebar and tickets.ie


Indie Pop act The Frank & Walters will be coming to Castlebar on April 15th, Tickets are on sale via Downtown Records and Hogs Heaven Bar in Castlebar, Online tickets are available now through Tickets.ie

Are we witnessing a full on rebirth of the live scene in the county town for the future with a long term plan being put in place ? Only time will tell but with more and more various live events taking place in the county town now  and the positive news that  phase 1 of a new pub/venue  is set to open in the Heart of Castlebar who knows what creativity this will bring to the area locally in the future. A time to be positive and to stop bickering and get on with it. A new dawn and day awaits.

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