New Pope returns with luscious early morning vibes

You would  be forgiven for thinking  that the opening of the new track from New Pope was directly influenced from a Quentin Tarantino movie with Ennio Morricone on soundtrack duties. Maybe it is….

It is the kind of track you would like to hear as the sun settles on your  balcony or garden on a fine summers evening. Or perhaps even after a long night as the sun rises with a group of friends. 


Galway based songwriter New Pope has quietly developed an enduring mystique as a composer of endearingly self-reflective and reassuringly romantic songs.


Latest release from New Pope titled  Morning is an ode to bleary-eyed dawns and the surreal promise of a new day. It is accompanied by a music video adapted by the artist from An Optical Poem by Oskar Fischinger (1937).

“Recently, in the smug hours of the early morning, I have been reminded of late nights floating home as the sun came up. I guess this song is a paean, of sorts, to both those experiences of dawn: the beginning and the end” – New Pope

Check out the groovy new track and new video below


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