Niamh Keane set to release new single ‘Lonely Sea’

‘Lonely Sea’ from Irish artist Niamh Keane is a sea-shanty inspired song that will rock you into its depths and leave you breathless. It is the final single from her upcoming EP titled Lake Michigan.

‘In a literal sense, Lonely Sea is a dramatic storytelling song about a pirate who has become lost at sea. By the final chorus, he is resigned to his fate to forever sail the seas alone, constantly searching for forgotten songs, love and treasure’

‘On another level, for me, the songs meaning has come to align itself with that old saying, “You reap what you sow”. The pirate’s fate is a consequence of the way he has lived his life. In other words, be kind, be good, and fingers crossed you won’t end up in Davy Jone’s locker!’ -Niamh Keane

Niamh Keane is set to release her stunning new song Lonely Sea on May 29th

“Bathed in slow shimmer atmosphere and an ethereal vocal ‘Nightsong’ is a haunting offering from Niamh Keane with a deep dark sound” 
Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape

“A meditative and melodic folk anthem”
Dave Simpson, PureMZine

Gavin Glass, Radio Nova

“A wonderful display of the certainty that Niamh Keane has in the sound that she is trying to create and the level of musicianship here is excellent as we are painted a vivid picture of the uncertainity that comes at different parts of our lives”
Covert Music Club 

Included in Golden Plec’s ‘Irish Songs You Need to Hear This Week’ 

In the meantim


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