Perfect pop for parents and children of parents

Life, love, freedom and death all captured in three minutes of pop bop, floating on a majestic sea swell of violin from the infinitely talented and inventive Aingeala De Búrca,  who turns to gold all she touches. Life, love, freedom and death but love above all else.

‘Pete & Tom on Song’ describe their new song as “ Perfect pop for parents and children of parents”

ALL FALL DOWN is the eighth single from Pete and Tom On Song. Recorded and Mastered by Graham Watson in Floodplain Studios.

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Pete and Tom are Pete Nugent and Tom O’Brien, two gentlemen who have returned to song writing after a long gap, under intense pressure from a frantic public having played music together back in the 1980s.

Check out the brand new track from Pete & Tom on Song below! 

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