POST PUNK PODGE & THE TECHNOHIPPIES release new single and video for ‘The Living Wake’

I have to admit that I would love to hear how POST PUNK PODGE & THE TECHNO HIPPIES  come up with the production of their tracks.

Some might say that as a country right now we should be getting angry, we should be angry about our number 1 problem here in Ireland which is our housing crisis, inflation is gone to the dogs. Hell even the cancel and woke culture seems to have taken its toll on many people.Our mental health system seems to be broken.  If this was France perhaps we would be out on the street protesting. Maybe we should be? 

So what has this got to do with the new track from POST PUNK PODGE & THE TECHNO HIPPIES. 

Well on new single The Living Wake tackles one of Ireland’s many recent issues emigration and it’s effect on Ireland. 

POST PUNK PODGE & THE TECHNO HIPPIES bring us on a journey with new track The Living Wake

For many music enthusiasts like ourselves POST POST PUNK PODGE & THE TECHNO HIPPIES continue to be one of the most important acts that Ireland has right now. 

If you get a Chance in the near future make sure to check out PUNK PODGE & THE TECHNO HIPPIES when they come to a venue near you. 


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