Race The Flux are a live band. You have to enjoy the Race The Flux experience in person before you can fully appreciate the band in an audio setting.

For months i have dying to get my hands on the bands new album, every so often i would meet members of the band and ask them the big question, “When is the album coming out?”… to which a reply i would get, Your guess is as good as ours!!…. there is a lot of complications in getting an album out there these days if you are an independent artist or band. For instance money can play a huge factor in getting an album produced and getting  the final product to sound just right. Just the way the band want it to sound like.

So when  Race The Flux  decided to set up a “fundit” campaign late last year i was more then happy to send my 10 bucks their way to help get the damn thing out there like any other good person who enjoys music would.
So here we are finally the brand new Race The Flux album is here. So was it worth the huge wait and anticipation?

Cover to the New Race The Flux album

Dutch Bufflao is the first album from the band Race The Flux. It begins with  the haunting track  titled “Evolve”….with its haunting piano i feel like i am about to enter “Paradise Lost” territory laying the foundation and building up to something bigger and brighter for the rest of the album to come.

Leading into the first single taken from the album titled “I Am Animation”, the tune itself builds and builds further as if to say you the listener are Rocky Balboa ready to take on the world but the song goes much further than this. It builds upon the listener’s ear each time i listen to it.

One of my favorite live tracks from Race The Flux also makes an apperance on the album called “Julian”. I have always had a special place in my heart for this track although there is moments when i feel the track could have being better produced? Maybe its just me but i always take production into consideration  when i listen to an album for the first time.

For example there is moments through out the album where i feel there is far to many “Toys and gimmicks” being used on the record and there is moments through out the album where i feel the band dont need these, “Just let it flow” no need to try too hard i keep telling myself!

Dont get me wrong there is some really fine moments on here, for example check out the track “Can I”, the track explodes into a rapturous tune that literally leaves you wanting more and more! The track itself often reminds of something similar to that of the recent asiwyfa album.

My favourite track on the entire album has to be “Icarus”, it begins softly but ends completely different leaving you wanting to return to the beginning of the track immediately

There is a lot of things to like about “Dutch Buffalo”. I am hoping though when album number 2 comes along that the band will have matured just a little more.

If Race The Flux are playing  at a  venue near you soon please! please! please! see the band live before you listen to “Dutch Buffalo”, its the only the way you will appreciate them as a band  and “Dutch Buffalo” even more!

All in all a  good start (but room for improvement)  from an incredible  live band.


Finbar Hoban



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