SHIFTWORK burn the nightshade oil

SHIFTWORK’s debut album burn the nightshade oil is a journey through a strange new beautiful world.

The album has a unique and different sound, emphasised by SHIFTWORK’s unusual use of instruments, unexpected structures, dissonant harmonies, odd time signatures, and intense expression.

Their duelling and harmonising vocals touch on important topics such as three day rollovers, semi-perilous late night cycling, and unrequited lust.

The songs play on the themes of wanderlust and the desire to find your place of belonging, modern struggles in dating and relationships, and mental health challenges.


Tommy Gray (Barq, Denise Chaila, Zaska, Come OnLive Long, The Waterboys), one of Dublin’s mostexperienced and acclaimed drummers, collaborated with the band to add his unique percussive style to
Lennon, Ye Vagabonds, Varo, Badhands).
these other worldly songs.

The album was recorded and mixed in Alfionn studios by Christopher Barry (2020 Choice Prize Nominated albums Junior Brother – Pull The Right Rope. 

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