Having toured live for the best part of 2018 SHITHaTT most certainly look set to be out on the road in 2019

SHITHaTT formed on Valentines Day 2017. They played their first gig 6 weeks later.
They spent the rest of 2017 honing their live set at gigs all over Ireland.
In February 2018 they self-released their first EP. A video for one of the songs from the EP, PUMA, was released a couple of months later.
In March 2018 they embarked on their first tour of the UK, including a Paddy’s Day special in London with a number of other independent Irish artists.

SHITHaTT bring the noise to Ballina

They spent the summer of 2018 playing the Irish festival scene including Knockanstockan, Nowhere Else Fest and the last ever Warzone fest in Belfast.

In September of the same year they played at the GGI festival in Groningen and supported Kraut-rock legends Embryo in Hamburg.
They are currently working on their second EP which will be released in early 2019.

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