Singer Songwriter Pauraic O Meara releases new EP and track “Is This Real” this Friday

The brand new track and EP from  Pauraic O Meara  discusses how Hindsight can be our best friend and our worst enemy, depending on the situation and what mindset you are in during or after the event has taken place.

Throughout this concept O’ Meara discusses his personal experiences with hindsight, and how it worked differently throughout different stages of his life to help him come to terms with events that were taking place / have taken place.

Across 3 single releases, 3 stages of hindsight that one goes through when dealing with a past relationship are discussed.
One can reflect on a negative relationship while still in it, asking where the cracks that are starting to show came from and what you could have done differently to stop the relationship from falling apart. (Is This Real?)

The Brand new EP from Pauraic O Meara was released last Friday


The hardest part of ending a relationship is not realising it is falling apart, its taking the step to realise that you cant save it and the longer it goes on, the harder it will be for everyone involved.

When the relationship finishes, we can often find ourselves in a state of despair and a skeleton of our former selves. With time, things get better, and the only person who can ensure this happens is yourself. If you are in a slump, it is vital to remind yourself of everything you have done right, rather than focusing on what has went wrong.

If you are going to look back, make sure that whatever you take from the past is only used to ensure a happier and brighter future.

Pauric says ”Is This Real?’ highlights where my head was at while still in a negative relationship. Constantly beating myself up over why it has went this way and questioning myself to the point where my self appreciation hit rock bottom. Being able to look back and remind myself of all the good i had done saved me and enabled me to move onto the next chapter and live with what i had rather then focusing on what i didn’t, and i feel as though the message a long with the songs emotion can help people who may find themselves in a similar position”

Pauric grew up in Tipperary and moved to Dublin some years ago to pursue a career in music.

He releases this EP off the back of successful single ‘Love illusion’, headline shows in The Sound House and The Workman’s Club and his debut at Electric Picnic


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